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Mission Statement

My goal in writing this blog is to examine how current events are covered through social media versus traditional media. 

As a journalism student, I’ve heard my entire college career that blogging is going to change the future of my field.  The jury is still out on whether that change is for better or for worse.  

Hopefully, by entering the blogosphere head-on (instead of looking at it from the outside) I can get a better understanding of this catalyst that may change everything we know about journalism.

I will be posting stories about current events, and commenting on how they are covered by or influenced by social media sources, such as:




*RSS feeds

… and any other form of citizen journalism I deem newsworthy.

This may seem a strange subject for a blog.  But consider how much these forms of social media impact our life.  Imagine the world with no viral videos giving everyone their fifteen minutes of fame; no bloggers policing articles to fact-check the information they present; and no constant notification messages from Facebook.  

These media may seem arbitrary and downright shallow at times, but I hope to open my readers’ eyes to see how they can be helpful in the circulation of important or inspiring information.

We live in a world connected by these media.  There’s no going back.  But what we can do is study them, and learn to use them for the greater good.



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