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Facebook: Not Just for Friends Anymore (Part 4 of 6) February 5, 2010

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So, with all this “cyber stalking” the question is raised:

Is having an online profile really worth risking damage to one’s reputation?” 

A growing belief among some professionals is that we can use this technology to actually better our career chances.  Dan Kadlec, contributing writer for Money magazine, argues that social networking sites:

“…aren’t just for teens to swap photos and gossip anymore. They’re a quickly expanding way for grown-ups to maintain and expand their professional networks….  Think of these groups as a digital cocktail party that never ends — but where no one drinks too much and everyone in the room is hell-bent on getting ahead.”

What Kadlec is saying here is that rather than being a mere “toy” for college kids, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can instead be used by professional adults hoping to gain access to a world of business opportunities and to expand their networking capabilities. 

Kadlec is not the only one with this train of thought.  All across the country (especially in Silicon Valley) Facebook is the hot spot for business professionals to make connections, discuss new ideas, and put deals through. 

Some technology experts even suggest that Facebook messaging may eventually replace traditional email in both the personal and business worlds.  Even former AOL CEO Steve Case is getting in on the game — in his own Facebook profile, he wrote:

“Facebook has emerged as the it service and company … It [Facebook] represents the next logical progression.”

To be continued…



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