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Facebook: Not Just for Friends Anymore (Part 3 of 6) February 4, 2010

Posted by friedgreenbananafish in Facebook.
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Another, rather controversial, aspect of Facebook screening concerns the rights of job candidates when it comes to equal opportunity employment.  

While most employers are simply looking at profiles to check facts or see that the candidate isn’t involved in illegal or disruptive activity, some employers are taking it a step further — checking personal details like religion, sexual orientation, relationship status, or political views and taking this information into account when the hiring process begins.  

Although clearly a violation of United States labor laws, it does happen, and because it is so hard to prove, job-seekers are best-advised to just leave details like this private and off their profiles.

But sometimes what the internet says about you… isn’t really about “you” at all.

Take, for example, the case of Eve Fairbanks, a perfectly innocent college student: after her mother confronted her about the pornography “she” had been posing for, Eve realized she had been the victim of a “Googlegänger” — a term used for someone who has the same name as you, and whose name appears before yours on the Google “hit list”. 

Most of the time it is someone innocent enough, but sometimes, like in Eve’s case, it can be much, much worse.  

Eve finally convinced her mother that she was not, in fact, an internet porn star, but her story leads the rest of us to wonder what false information people — especially employers — are getting about us via the internet.  

Who knows what the other [your name here] could be doing or saying?  

Like the verb “to Google,” the term “Googlegänger” is catching on with a generation of young job-seekers who are beginning to realize that in a world in which we rely so heavily upon the internet, sometimes you’re not defined so much by your accomplishments, but by how Google-friendly those accomplishments are.

To be continued…



1. friedgreenbananafish - February 4, 2010

This post is actually quite timely, considering the fact we’re wrapping up “Doppelgänger Week” on Facebook.

Another Day On Facebook - February 5, 2010

I keep on seeing these new beautiful women on his friends list. So I click on their profile picture only to realize that it is an actress they are impersonating for doppleganger week…Ya XD

Another Day On Facebook

friedgreenbananafish - February 7, 2010

I enjoy seeing who people think “they” look like…

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