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The week ahead… February 1, 2010

Posted by friedgreenbananafish in Facebook.
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Dear Readers,

In the coming week I will be posting a six-part essay about the influence of social media on job hunting.  I was inspired to write this a few years ago (I apologize if the material is a little dated) after hearing several horror stories from recent college graduates looking for their first job.

We all think the things we post on Facebook are in good fun, but I wondered if anyone had actually studied the effects these teenage habits have later on in people’s lives.  

It turns out, even in 2007 (when I originally wrote this essay) there was already quite a bit of talk on how people’s online pasts might come back to haunt them.

Of course, we’re all a little more aware of the “dangers” today, but hopefully the information I’m about to present will interest you and teach you a few things you didn’t know.

Likewise, although I have done my best to update this essay with current trends, I welcome any comments from you supporting (or disproving) the material.  I would love to hear what you have to say on the matter, or if you  know of any new technological developments that may influence the concepts presented forth.

Part One of the essay will be posted tomorrow, but in the meantime, I recommend checking out this article from Livescience.com that looks at how Facebook is a haven for Narcissists.



1. Kander - February 2, 2010

My mom loves to make fun of my Aunt (you know the one) because she says “what are you going to do when your kids are old enough to google you?” lol It sucks but it’s true once it’s on the internet it is almost impossible to completely get them off.

friedgreenbananafish - February 2, 2010

Sad, but very true – once something is on the internet it’s a done deal. But, in the final installment of my essay, I will be listing a few ways we can all make ourselves a little more “Google friendly”.

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