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Blogs to help Bloggers January 24, 2010

Posted by friedgreenbananafish in Around the Blogosphere, Assignments, Journalism.

1. Soshable

Soshable encourages its users to help them sort through the myriad fads of social media; to pick out the best of the best of social media and examine how it will change the future.  I like the idea of a blog being a two-way street — instead of just ranting, I’d like to hear others’ opinions on the topics I post about.

2. Social Media Blog

A great example of a personal blog.  Michael Brito has worked for Silicon Valley giants such as HP, Yahoo! and Intel, and considers himself one of the pioneers of social media.  I hope his successful real-world experience will help me in writing my own personal blog.

3. Smart Mobs

Howard Rheingold, author of Smart Mobs, believes that instead of letting social media control you, you should control your use of social media.  His blog offers suggestions on how to use technology as a tool to connect to others.

4. Socialbrite

The goal of Socialbrite is online philanthropy.  They offer tips and techniques to help bloggers use this media to “advance the social good.”  Hopefully, I can pick up a few pointers on how to make my blog meaningful to society, and stand out from all the other cyber soapboxes.

5. Technosailor

To truly keep up-to-date on trends in blogging and social media, you must also know how users are going to view the content you post.  Technosailor investigates which smart phones/browsers people are using, and its writer boasts the creation of “The WordPress Bible.”

6. The Blog Herald

The Blog Herald was founded in 2003, and was the first blog designed to exclusively cover the news of the blogosphere, including the latest updates on Blogger, and WordPress to name a few.  A must for any newbie.

7. The Blogger’s Blog

A bit silly, a bit snarky; The Blogger’s Blog is to social media what The Daily Show is to traditional media.  Still, the site is awash with story ideas and links to more reputable sources.

8. The Buzz Bin

The Buzz Bin tries to examine everything it can from the view of social media — from current events and entertainment news to the cyber “age gap” and gonzo advertising, it provides great statistics and links to articles around the ‘sphere.

9. The Huffington Post

As an avid reader of The Huffington Post, I just had to list this one on my blogroll.  While stories about social media aren’t its main focus, I find it is one of the most accurate, reputable blogs out there about the world and its issues. 

10. The Social Networking Weblog

The Social Networking Weblog is great tool to keep up with all things social networking.  From Facebook to MySpace, its writers give you pointers on how to increase traffic to your page… or how to keep it private.



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