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Blogs: the Doctor Jekyll & Mr Hyde of journalism January 14, 2010

Posted by friedgreenbananafish in Journalism.

It’s scary.  It’s new.  It’s scaring the life out of all the battle-hardened journalists of the “traditional media”.  But is it good or evil?  Will it cause an Amargeddon-like end to journalism as we know it???

Time will only tell.

But I can say this:  new things are always scary.  They force us to journey outside our comfortable little norms and experience the unknown.  

Blogs are to traditional journalism as a new president is to an unsure nation.  Will he be the best president our country has ever had, making us proud to be from the great country of the United States of America?  Or will he be a demagogue-like figure ruining our diplomatic relations, squandering away our budget, and sending us off to war?

Time will only tell.

But we’ll deal with it.  Just as we do for all life’s challenges, the journalists of tomorrow will find a way to work with the blogosphere.  Whether that be through cooperation or war, we shall examine next in this three part series.



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